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Privacy Policy

Information Collection and Use

Basic Account Information
When you create or reconfigure an OCamlPro account, you provide some personal information, such as your name, username, password, and email address. Your name and username are listed publicly on our Services, but your email is kept private, and used only by us to reach you.
Profiling Information
The information extracted by the OCamlPro profiler from your application is not directly sent to our servers. Especially, memory dumps of your application remain on your computer. The OCamlPro profiler analyzes this information, and will only send the results of its analyzes to OCamlPro servers. The data sent to OCamlPro servers may contain: (1) OCaml identifiers of modules, values and types, locations and filenames, (2) a depth-limited graph of pointers from the roots of your application, (3) statistics on the number and size of each kind of blocks and types and (4) the arguments provided to the application. The data sent to OCamlPro servers does not contain: (1) scalar values (integers, chars and floats) and strings from your application data, (2) code in source or binary format from your application.
Public Disclosure
All the profiling information received by OCamlPro servers by the Online service is available to all visitors (connected or not) through the Gallery of Examples. Although not all information is currently displayed, future versions may display more information among the ones listed in the previous section.