OCaml Memory Profiler — Beta

Commercial Support and Assistance

We provide two commercial offers on the OCaml Memory Profiler:

  1. the Memory Optimization Service, for us to audit your application with our tools;
  2. the Memory Optimization Access, a full open-source access to the Memory Profiler tools .

For more information or to purchase licenses, contact us at contact@ocamlpro.com.

Memory Optimization Service

You can contract us to audit your applications using our memory profiling tools (ocp-memprof, ocp-gcprof, ocp-allocprof, etc.) and other available tools on the OS (linux perf, etc). We will track the hotspots in your code, that may be responsible for excessive memory consumption and performance slowdowns, and provide you with detailed information on how to improve your applications. We can also provide general advices on how to improve your code, from an external reviewer perspective.

Memory Optimization Access

Once you have tried the OCaml Memory Profiler online, you might want to get rid of some of its limitations. With the Memory Optimization Access, you get access to the most recent versions of our tools, to be used locally on your machine, in both binary versions and sources.

Here is a sum-up of what you can do with Memory Optimization Access that you cannot do with the Online Version:

  • Open-Source Access:

    You get access to the sources of the Memory Profiler on Github. It can help you ship your own software with support for creating memory snapshots, that your users can send you for debugging. It also gives you more freedom to tune the profiler for your own environment. You can keep using your version of the Memory Profiler even when your subscription is over.

  • Support by our Experts:

    Our experts can help you profile your applications: they can fix any issue you meet with compiling your application with profiling enabled, or help you understand the results of the profiling.

  • Multiple OCaml Versions and OPAM support:

    Our internal tree has support for several versions of OCaml, starting with 4.01.0. The OCaml distribution with Memory Profiling Support can be exported to an OPAM switch to compile other packages;

  • Multiple Architectures:

    Our internal tree can be compiled on multiple 64 bit architectures, we have tested it on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.

  • No Remote Display:

    You can display results locally on your computer, either with a graphical interface or an HTML report;

  • Additional Tools:
  • Yearly Updates:
Online Version Memory Optimization Access
OCaml Versions
4.01.0 4.01.0 and 4.02.1
(64 bits platforms)
Linux64 Linux64, Mac OS, Windows
Binary Releases
Yearly On Demand
(web reports)
Public Private
(runtime and analyzer)
Yes, LGPL & Affero-GPL
(registered users)
Additional Features
(+details, +tools, +analyzes)
One Year Updates
(download new versions)
Usage Support
(installing, executing)
Consulting Support
(time to help fixing leaks by mail)
5 days
Devel. Priority
(bug fixes, features)
Price Free 5000 €(excl VAT)

For more information or to purchase licenses, contact us at contact@ocamlpro.com. Users can also contract us to fund specific developments on the OCaml Memory Manager, such as porting it to a particular environment, or extracting some specific information from their applications.

Current List of Additional Features

HTML Report:
Textual reports are generated in HTML providing more information than the Javascript GUI.

Local Display:
Display the reports locally on your machine. No need for Internet connection nor external servers.

Local History:
Keep an history of all the profiles you did on your computer and access their reports at any time.

Improved Per-Root View:
Display more details on roots, such as the names of toplevel values within modules or frame names inside backtraces.

Per-Root Filters:
Filter the per-root view to only display roots retaining a particular set of values.